Probably you have been thinking... 

I wish I could sit with Seyi Adeleke, so he can show me in practical terms, everything about this business that makes the REAL Money he has been talking about for some time now. 

If you are thinking in that direction....I have Goodnews for you today:

Share A Table With The Young Boss & Discover How To Build Your Own 7 Figures/Month Online Business From Scratch Even If You Are A Stone-Cold Newbie with No Experience, No Marketing Skills and No Website.


You'll See With Your "Korokoro" Eye The Exact Money Making System That Makes Me And My Inner Circle Students 6 - 7 Figures Monthly. No Fluff!

From the Desk of Seyi Adeleke,
CEO AppClick Technology

Monday, March 22nd, 2021

Dear Loyal Subscriber,

  • Imagine living a freedom lifestyle where you don't have to wake up early to resume to your tasking 8-5pm job with a stipend salary
  • Imagine setting up a system that spill out cash on demand (Dollar or Naira - Make your choice)
  • Imagine making extra 500k - #1M monthly leveraging on the internet? How much value would that add to your life?

Hold On!

Before you start comparing me with your online gurus that lure you with sweet words and makes money selling eBook and Video to you, I have been running internet business for the past 7 years and over 58,000 people has benefitted from my trainings and webinars globally (not just in Nigeria), I practise what I teach and my results speaks for me...

$49,037 From This Account Alone, That Is Over #23M

$21,378 From This Account Alone, That Is Over #10M

$17,277 From This Account Alone, That Is Over 8 Million Naira

See Below Some Of My Daily Earnings In Dollars

Another Results From My Local Business

With Internet Business, I have the freedom to go on vacation and travel all over the world.

...Recently, I got myself a brand new whip worth millions of naira.  ALL THANKS TO GOD & THIS INTERNET BUSINESS

Let me stop here, these are just a few of my results. So anything I tell you, you had better take it serious. And if you are still doubting at this point, kindly stop reading and unsubscribe from my mailing list. No offense! I only want the serious folks


Let's Roll...

One thing I have learnt in LIFE is that...To make it in any area of life as fast as possible, you need a REAL COACH (Someone who has been through it all and can guide you on how to succeed).

And today, I want to HELP YOU achieve your goals faster than you could ever think, so read carefully...

Right from the beginning of this year, a lot of people has been demanding for my ONE-ON-ONE COACHING PROGRAM and right now I have decided to create time out of my busy schedules and reveal the rarely known secrets behind this business in practical terms and I want you to take this long awaited opportunity seriously as it is capable of making a change in your life irrespective of your current situation.

I want to give YOU and the Fastest Lucky 9 the opportunity to 'SHARE TABLE' with me and have a ONE-ON-ONE INTENSIVE COACHING SESSION with me as I share with you my unique hot business formulae that makes me an average of N5M every month without lifting my butt and how you can also start this business immediately.

This is totally different from those crappy information you might have gotten from the so called gooruss. Am talking about you sitting with me for hours and learning the same system I used to make money.

No Story! Fully Practical!!

I would show you the exact system that generates 7-figures monthly for me and how you can also get started immediately. 

See Below Some Of My Students That Came For ONE-ONE-ONE Training At My Office

For this One-On-One Intensive Training, there are three available programs and you can make your choice

  • Affiliate Marketing - Discover How To Earn In Top Dollars & Scale Up To 4-Figures In Commisision Promoting Digital Products On The International Platform (Make Massive Profit Just By Sending Email Broadcast. No Product Creation! No PayPal Needed - Withdraw Straight To Your Naira Account)
  • Ecommerce - Step by Step procedures to import FAST selling products for as low as $1-$5 directly from China, setup your own sales funnel and resell here in Nigeria for over 400%-700% profits using the internet. 
  • Information Marketing - How to turn your skill, passion, knowledge and information to a 7 figure online business + the complete formula to create HOT Selling Digital Products that solves pressing need. 

Here's a Peep into What I'll be Revealing in this Intensive One-on-One Training...

Ecommerce Program

  • Complete procedures to start your ecommerce business in less than 48hours & the exact steps to access the selected genuine portal you can use to buy product conveniently at the cheapest price you could ever imagine.
  • List of 30 hot products that sell like crazy here in Nigeria and how you can also research hot in demand product that will sell within a week.
  • List of reputable logistics companies that will help you to handle your shipping and clearing without additional cost nor custom wahala
  • My 2 powerful steps to source and identify credible supplier for your products and how to identify/avoid low quality product.
  • How to import product of $1 - $5 and resell for 400% - 700% PROFIT without leaving the comfort of your home.
  • SECRETS to beat price from the supplier and pay 60% lesser than the real price others pay for the same product.
  • How to describe the exact product you want your supplier to send to you
  • How to get free shipping from most sellers and get it deliver to you here in Nigeria within 24-48hours (No delay).
  • How to use an approved ESCROW payment system that only allow your supplier to be paid when you confirm the delivery of your product and you are pleased with it.
  • 7 powerful tactics to sell fast and costly mistakes you must avoid if you don’t want to waste your money.
  • Underlying secret on how to use Facebook & Instagram to drive buyers to your sales page & make 8x Profit.
  • How to setup a Powerful Sales Page to sell your product.
  • Best approach to market your imported products from the comfort of your room and sell fast within a twinkle of an eye.
  • How to build badass solid sales funnel 
  • VIP Support 
  • And much more...
  • Solid Bonuses For The Fastest Mover (First 3 ONLY)

Bonus #1 - Step by Step Video On How To Setup & Automate Your Own 1M/Month Ecommerce Business

Bonus #2 - FREE Domain & Web Hosting Registration (worth #10,000)

Bonus #3  - Instabuilder (valued $99)

Bonus #4 - Whatsapp Chat Plugin + Tutorial Video On How To Install Whatsapp Chat On Your Website.

Bonus #5  - Access to my PDF report on Facebook ADVERTISING Secrets

(Note - Training Duration : 1 Day)

Real Price - #250,000 

Earlybird Price - #149,999

Only 4 Slots Available


Step 1 - Make a Bank Deposit/Online or Mobile Transfer of #149,999 into this account:


Bank: Zenith

Account No: 1014669755

Step 2 - Send payment details (including screenshot) to

Information Marketing Program

  • The powerful concept to turn your ideas/skills into MARKETABLE INFORMATION PRODUCT
  • How to get HOT problem solving information products to sell without lifting your hands to create any (let other people do that job while you sit back and leverage on the efforts of other people).
  • The most PROFITABLE niche you must focus on if you want to make money fast.
  • How to design a PROFESSIONAL WEBSITE within 30 minutes without paying a penny to web designers (Do it yourself method! No programming knowledge required).  This will help you to build buyers list and gain authority fast
  • How to design an eCOVER for your information product
  • How to register a DOMAIN NAME of your choice and HOST your website for as low as #7,600 per year
  • The procedures to design a superb SALES PAGE and LANDING PAGE to sell your information product (it will include the product description, your name, picture and bank account).
  • The winning "SECRET" to write a convincing sales copy that will make buyers to instantly pull cash out of their pocket and even beg you to collect the money. 
  • How to create a professional WEBMAIL (e.g so you won't have to use gmail or yahoomail to send the product to your subscribers.
  • How to create a professional FAN PAGE so people can see you as an expert in the field.
  • How to use FACEBOOK and instagram to advertise your information product to the right audience with cash in their pocket + the exact secret to get 1000 SUBSCRIBERS (people interested in buying your product) for as low as $100
  • The step by step procedures to setup this business and make it run on complete AUTOPILOT that brings cash non-stop even while sleeping or catching fun with friends.
  • How to get one-month FREE autoresponder you can use to mail your list on autopilot.
  • And much more
  • Solid Bonuses For The Fastest Mover (First 2 ONLY)

 Bonus 1# - Instabuilder -- Drag & Drop Software To Design Your Website In Minutes (Worth $99)

Bonus #2 - Step by Step Tutorial Video On How To Setup Your Information Marketing Business

Bonus #3 - FREE Domain & Web Hosting Registration (worth #10,000)

Bonus #4 - Whatsapp Chat Plugin + Tutorial Video On How To Install Whatsapp Chat On Your Website.

Bonus #5
 - Social Media Marketing (PDF)

Bonus #6  - Access to my 59 pages PDF report on Facebook ADVERTISING Secrets

(Note - Training Duration : 1 Day)

Real Price - #290,000 

EarlyBird Price - #169,999

Only 3 Slots Available


Step 1 - Make a Bank Deposit/Online or Mobile Transfer of #169,999 into this account:


Bank: Zenith

Account No: 1014669755

Step 2 - Send payment details (including screenshot) to

Affilate Marketing Program

  • The Underlying Secrets Big Fishes Are Using To Crush Affiliate Marketing On The International Platforms & Earn In Dollars On A Daily Basis.
  • The Exact Tools You Need To Starting Your Own 4-5 Figures Affiliate Marketing Business Here In Nigeria
  • TOP Profitable Niches You Must Focus On If You Want To Get Fast Results 
  • Top Networks To Get High Converting Digital Products To Promote On A Daily Basis
  • How To Create & Configure Your Account, Setup Your Payment System So You Can Withdraw Straight To Your Naira Account (No PayPal or Dormiciliary Account Needed)
  • How To Rightly Request For Your Affiliate Link From Top Vendors & Get Approved.
  • Secret To Building A Loyal Subscribers That Would Trust You With Their Hard-Earney Money Plus How To Make Your Subscribers Stay With You & Continue To Buy Whatever Products You Recommend To Them.
  • How To Drive Unlimited Traffic To Your Page Using Different Platforms & Build A Loyal Fan Base.
  • Where To Get Solid Bonuses To Use For Your Promotion & 10X Sales
  • Keypoint To Crushing Any Promo & Bank Up 3-4 Figures/Promo
  • The Exact Method To Write High Converting Emails That Would Make Your Subscribers To Instantly Buy Via Your Link.
  • How to get one-month FREE autoresponder you can use to mail your list on autopilot.
  • How To Setup The Whole System So You Can Make Money Even While You Sleep 
  • VIP Support After The Training
  • And Lots More
  • Solid Bonuses For The Fastest Mover (First 2 ONLY)

 Bonus #1  - Promo Swipes (worth $697)

Bonus #2 - Onboarding Swipes (worth $297)

Bonus #3 - 50 Custom Bonuses (worth $997)

Bonus #4 - Page Builder (worth $99)

Bonus #5 - 5K JVZoo & W+ Custom Audience Leads (worth $2997)

(Note - Training Duration : 2 Days)

(You Have Nothing To Worry About, We Would Help You To Sort Out Accomodation - No Extra Fee)

Real Price - #450,000 

EarlyBird Price - #199,999 (Including Hotel Fee)

Only 3 Slots Available


Step 1 - Make a Bank Deposit/Online or Mobile Transfer of #199,999 into this account:


Bank: Zenith

Account No: 1014669755

Step 2 - Send payment details (including screenshot) to


FACT - I am ready to expose you to all my personal 100% underground fail-proof killer techniques. There is no way I would teach you this and you won't have a change of story!

Modes Of Training

  • You can either come over to my office in Ibadan, Oyo State or We do Skype LIVE Video Training if you are in a far distance.

Note - Either way, we are going to see each other live. Choose anyone you preferred.


The truth is....a good coach is nearly impossible to lock down, seeing a business coach like myself with visible proofs and proven records is very rare. I charge #125,000 per hour and up to #1 Million for a day session.

...and 3 out of every 5 people subscribed for my one-on-one training because they know the value they are getting and how much money they will make when they start the business using my formula. 

BUT you are getting this on a silver platter and you don't have to pay that much TODAY if you are lucky enough to be among the FASTEST 10 People.

P.S - I have over 80,000 subscribers and I am more than 100% sure that the 10 slots would get filled up fast, a lot of people are already requesting for this for sometime now. And like I said early, I am super-busy right now, I only set-aside this weekend for this one-on-one training after which I would close it immediately so I can concentrate on my business and follow up those that subscribed. It's either you book a seat now at a very low fee or you forget about it. This is not one of the programs I can do for a long time. 

To Book A Table With Me, Fill The Form Below & Then Proceed To Make Payment For The Training:


Once we confirmed your payment, we would get back to you via email/call stating the scheduled time for your training. (Subject to change if you won't be available)

Go Ahead And Grab This Now

This Offer Is Time Sensitive and Slots Are Extremely Limited (First 10 Persons ONLY)

See You At The Top,

Your Business Coach

Seyi Adeleke, 
CEO, AppClick Technology 

Office Address:

Second Floor Oyerogun Building, Adjacent Adamasingba Stadium Third Gate, Ibadan Oyo State.


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