Burn that Fat with Water Melon

Being Fat isn’t healthy at all, apart from the Psychological Effects (including depression, low self esteem)body fat as an individual, Quality of life might be shortened, as Ailments like Hypertension, Stroke, Diabetes Mellitus and other Chronic diseases are associated with increased Body fat and Obesity.

According to the Research carried out by the University of Kentucky, Drinking 2 Glasses of Water Melon Juice a Day for 8 weeks helps to reduce Body fat especially Belly Fat without reducing Muscle mass.

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Thanks to the presence of the Amino acid- Arginine. Arginine is known to reduce body fat and the research published by the Journal of Nutrition shows that adding Arginine to the Diets of an Obese Mice reduces Body fat by 64%  in just 3 months, isn’t that Amazing?

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Other foods that can help reduce body fat especially belly fat include:

Green Tea

Tomato Juice


Blue Berries

Tested and and Trusted,the above Diets help reduce body fat effectively. Research as been carried out and has been Published on the Journal of Nutrition and Archives of Internal Medicine that these diets have amino acids that’s helps burn fat. Burning Fat isn’t hard after all.


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