How to Register your Business Name with CAC in less than 14days with #10,750 without a Lawyer

A man came to my office two weeks and some days ago, His eye was full of tears, He looked frustrated and dejected. As I set my eye on him I started thinking what could make a matured man cry like baby, I told him to sit and I asked what the matter was. Read His speech below:

Mr Seyi, am tired of this registration wahala, could you believe for over 6months have been trying to register my business name with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) but all to no avail. I keep on submitting names like something else, have submitted more than 9 business names but they were all disapproved.

This last one really pissed me off, I did a great work to form the name, I asked for my friends opinion and they all said the tendency to disapprove the name is 0.001% but I was shock to see the name ruled out as usual. This act has deprived me of some many offers, in-fact right now I have pending contracts and am asked to bring my business name registration certificate for approval. I need the business name certificate urgently, I don’t know what next to do, please help me…

After he concluded his talk, I smiled; ‘and He was shocked to me smiling’.
Knowing fully well that it is impossible to proceed to the next step of the business registration process without an approved business name, I quite understand what He has gone through for over six months but this wasn’t strange to me; have SAVED a lot of people from business name registration headache…. and in less than 14days, they got their business name registered without following them to CAC office
(This approach is called ‘do it yourself’ – I love to teaching people how to catch fish and not to give fish alone).

I told him he has gotten to the solution empire and he need not to worry any longer.
I assured him in 14days time, his business would be registered without paying a penny to the Lawyer, he asked me how possible that could be…

The same way I HELPED others, with full confidence I revealed to him all what he needed to register his business in less than 14days with #10,750 only and without a lawyer; starting from the general rules of unique name formation till he will collect his certificate.

Due to his past experience, he first felt reluctant; But I assured him this will definitely be the last time.

Right now….He is now a registered business owner, He called me on Friday that He has collected His Business Certificate and He can now boast of running a legal business; He was overwhelm with joy.

After the conversation, I felt bad! I thought of many people that are stranded in this same situation. After few minutes, a thought came to my mind:
‘SAVE your email subscriber from business name registration headache and inform them of how to properly register their business name FAST & CHEAP’.

So if you have an existing business and you are having difficulty in registering your business name, or you are thinking of starting a new business… I have good-news for you….And the good-news is: I will reveal how you can easily register your business name yourself in less than 14days with #10,750 only. Forget about paying Lawyer/Agent because you won’t have too….Just pay yourself.

The truth is business registration process can be tasking & frustrating if you are not well guided BUT have simplify the registration process and I deserve your applause (lol).

Business name registration is a must for you if you want to operate a LEGAL business and boost your sales.

Click here to read how to register your business name with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC)

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