Watermelon Production Secrets- (#400,000 – #1,000,000 Guarantee within 75-85days)

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(Complete Practical Steps on How Anyone Can  Make #400,000 in Less than 85days And Over #1m in Less Than 10months From Watermelon Production Anywhere in Nigeria With #42,600 Start-up Capital)


{The Exact Secrets to Get Government & Private Lands for Farming Purposes Anywhere in Nigeria with less than #5,000}

watermelon tutor caoch website

                      Have you ever bought watermelon?    

How much did you buy it? (price range is usually within #200-#400)     

Now imagine if you are able to produce 1,930 pieces of such fruit in less than 85days with #42,600 only… 

                 This Is Huge Profit & Massive Wealth Source

All you need to do is to dish out simple instructions, relax and watch your bank account becoming FAT

I have decided to HELP just 30 persons to generate massive wealth from this agribusiness and be financially stable in the YEAR 2016. Hope you will be included?

You may be doubting if it is really possible to make #400,000 within 85days and over #1,000,000 in less than 10months from watermelon production, but the SINCERE truth is YES IT IS !

A lot of people think watermelon production is not profitable and that to make a huge amount of money from it, one need to invest heavily on it. Oh no! this is a wrong perception

Information is power!

Give me 4 mins of your time and I will clear your doubt

Compare to other agribusiness; watermelon cultivation is a lucrative businessit is not time-consuming, energy-draining nor laborious. We are in 21st century, agribusiness has gone beyond using ancient/traditional procedures that left people with little or no profit. Farming has become one of the solid wealth source. It will suprise you that AFRICA RICHEST MAN (Aliko Dangote) is a farmer. Also, other top and renown politician in Nigeria are farmer,……….OBJ (Obasanjo Farm), Abdulsalami Abubabakar (Maizube Farm), Murtala Nyako (Sebore Farm) and others are all farmer….

With a little startup capital of #42,600, you will be able to produce 1,930 pieces of viable watermelon fruits. You are guarantee of 300-600% return on investment (massive PROFIT) from watermelon cultivation. Within 75-85days; you plant, harvest and begin to smile to the bank. Yes, I mean it………….less than 3months

Who I am….. & Why You Have To Believe Me ?

I’m Seyi Adeleke and am a farmer, not a mere farmer but a successful farmer and consultant. I am the CEO of MassiveWealthClick & AppClick Technology (a registered company with Cooperate Affairs Commission in Nigeria). I have trained lots of people on watermelon production and many people have benefited from series of watermelon article have written. My watermelon farm is in Oyo state and from time-to-time I make huge amount of money on this same agribusiness, and with my experience I will take you by hand and expose the secrets to make massive profit and how to become a successful watermelon farmer like me.

Some of my previous articles on watermelon production include:

  • Watermelon Basic Essentials
  • Common Questions & Answers on Watermelon Production To Generate Wealth
  • Watermelon Farming
  • 10 Watermelon Health Benefit
  • How to become a Watermelon Millionaire 
  • How to get government and private lands anywhere in Nigeria with less than #5,000 per Hectare

See One of My Earning Last Year:

my earning from watermelon

Well, am not showing you this to brag! Far from it, I just want you to see the possibilities in this kind of business and to let you know that over #400,000 is attainable in less than 85days if only you will allow me to HELP you.

You don’t have to be a millionaire before you can start this business

See My Secret Watermelon Cost Analysis For An Hectare of Land

  • Clearing/Land Preparation (using simple scientific method)  : #10,000
  • Imported Hybrid Seed (four tin can of hybrid seed)   : #5,300
  • Labour Cost for Planting   : #5,000
  • Treatment Chemical (four different treatment chemicals – 2 bottle each)   : #7,400
  • Knapsack sprayer  : #3,000
  • Solid Fertilizer (to boost growth and maximize yield)   : #3,000
  • Cover Flitting (cheap method to get rid of weed immediately)    : #4,400
  • Miscellaneous  : #4,500

Total amount you need to start this business is just : #42,600

With my strategy:

 #42,600 is all you need to grow watermelon on an HECTARE of land. 


#21,300 is all you need to grow watermelon on an ACRE (6 plots) of land. 
NO EXCUSE ! I will EXPOSE the strategy to you.

Photo Speaks (From my Farm……..Seeing is Believing)

Planting Season – Preparing my farmland for watermelon production

how to prepare land to grow watermelon

Planting Procedure- Planting of watermelon IMPORTED hybrid seed

plant watermelon hybrid seed

 Within 10days of planting a disease resistance variety of watermelon

make money with watermelon agribusiness

Within 30days – Watermelon started bearing fruit after applying treatment 

growing stage, flowering stage

35days – Bigger Fruit (watermelon increases in size per second)

start to produce fruit after pollination

45days – Treatment speed the growth and production rate, leading to massive PROFIT

large scale watermelon farming

70days – Almost mature, HARVEST will begin in couple of days

mature and ripe watermelon set for harvest

77days – Mature and ripe watermelon, ready for harvest

mature/ripe watermelon set for harvest

The germination rate of this crop is very fast, watermelon start to produce fruit right from 30-35days of planting, and the amazing thing is the fruit increases in size per second. You start planning for harvest right from 70days onward.

Where to get Land ?

Land is not a barrier to this profitable mega business, even If you don’t have a land of yours, I will reveal the exact secrets of how you can lease an hectare of land from government agencies with less than #5,000 (government is now encouraging farming) or lease from individual with minimal amount (land leasing for agricultural purposes is very cheap).

This book cost #5,000 but I will send it to you for FREE

how to get government and private lands in Nigeria for #5,000

Are you thinking of the market size and how to get buyer?, RELAX!

Due to the numerous health benefits derived from this fruit, it is widely sought and the market is ever-ready. Even if you have 50,000 fruit, I guarantee hot markets for your fruit. Getting buyer for your product is the simplest thing ever, Part of the secret I will expose to you is how to get buyer even before your fruit is ready for harvest. 

Let Calculate The Profit…….Without Bias Mind

With my strategy, you will be able to produce at least 1,930 big viable and healthy pieces of fruit from an hectare of land (excluding few fruits that may rotten)

Watermelon is always sorted into size. The price you will sell it to buyers in the potential market depends on the size.

Total of #459,340 from an hectare within 75-85days (less than 3 months)

I will also reveal the secrets of planting three times in a year, which will amount to (#459,340 * 3 = #1,378,020 per year).

You will earn #1,378,020 (Over #1.3million per year on an hectare)………From This Agribusiness.

You can as well start with an acre or few plots of land.

Even if you are a doubting Thomas, by now your eyes should be widely open to this lucrative business.


how to make money from watermelon agricultural business

(Over 34pages – Each method, step,  action & strategy discussed in this guide is backup with pictures)

Table of Content

What you will learn from this step-by-step guide…

  1. Introduction
    • Watermelon production
    • Why you have to invest in this agribusiness
  2. Basic Watermelon Essentials
    • Cheap available requirement to start watermelon cultivation anywhere in Nigeria and where you can get them (including imported hybrid seed).
  3.  Planting Seasons In Nigeria
    • Best time to plant watermelon in Nigeria and earn 300-600% return on investment. If you miss the right season….forget about massive profit.
  4.  Land Preparation
    • Best soil type to boost watermelon yield and simple means to discover soil type.
    • Simple scientific ways to clear your land within 1-2days.
  5.  Planting Procedure
    • Reasons why you must not plant a local seed if you wants to be successful in this business. How and where to get a cheap but highly effective imported disease resistance watermelon seed close to you without traveling abroad (hybrid seed).
    • Number of seeds to plant per hole, soil depth and spacing required to maximize yield
  6.  Treatment
    • The cheap but effective chemicals to fully protect your farm from insect/disease and boost production. (Treatment chemical is very import, if you ignore this………your farm will be consume over the night).
    • Right proportion to mix chemical before you apply to your watermelon. Miss this and your watermelon will suffer for it.
    • Best time to treat your watermelon and how to go about it.
  7.  Modern Method to Controlling Weeds
    • Modern proven method to get rid of weeds on your farmland within 2days, the step by step procedure to go about it without affecting your watermelon and the best time to achieve maximum result.
  8.  Solid Fertilizer
    • Best solid fertilizer to use, quantity required, how and when to apply it to avoid burning your watermelon and the result after application.
  9.  Pollination 
    • How agent of pollination (bees, butterfly etc) aids fertilization of watermelon and what you need to do to increase massive fruit production.
  10.  Harvesting
    • 4 proofed methods to know when your watermelon is set (mature/ripe) for harvest, reasons why it must not be over-ripe/under-ripe if you want to maximize PROFIT.
    • Basic essentials for harvest and how to harvest.
  11.  Marketing
    • Reasons why you must not sell your watermelon fruit to dealers/buyer directly if you want to make 300%-600% return on investment.
    • How to discover a hot market for your product in your city/town and make buyers queue even before your fruit is ready for harvest.
    • Things to do when you convey your product to the hot market.

(This is a complete practical guide, nothing is hidden)

As lucrative this business is, lots of people still failed because they lack knowledge of it. Don’t repeat others mistakes….. this is because those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it

This is a complete practical step by step guide – FIRST CLASS WATERMELON PRACTICAL GUIDE

How Much Is This Guide ?





Oh No! 

Am here to bring your dream to reality & you can be rest assured.


                            The price is #4,999 only     

(If you buy it NOW, I will also send you a copy of how to get lands from government and private individuals for farming purposes)

Meaning with #4,999, I will be sending you 2 complete books (Complete Watermelon Practical Guide + How to Get Government & Private Lands For Farming Purposes Anywhere in Nigeria) and I will Follow Up Till You Sell Your Fruit. This is a one time offer, it is only available for the FIRST 30 persons. Order NOW.

This is a DISCOUNT PRICE & IT WON’T LAST FOREVER –> You can see am very considerate BUT I will increase the price to the real cost (#10,000) within the next 3days. If you want to help yourself, BUY it now. A minute delay might cost you extra price

You’re Getting Financial Freedom For Pennies

#4,999 is nothing compare to the amount you spend in Mr Biggs, Shoprite and on Recharge Card. If you leave the page without buying NOW, I bet it with you, you might miss out of the 30 Nigerians I want to help (first come…first serve) and you will have to pay #8,000 for this same material and even if you beg me with #7,800, I won’t listen to your cock and bull story. A word is enough for the wise. ACT NOW & Begin to Prepare for the FIRST Planting Season.

Information is useless without action. Decide Now & Take Action………Jumpstart your PROFIT NOW and make things happen in YEAR 2016.


Remember it is first come…first serve, BUT if you are fast enough to be among the 30 Nigerians I want to HELP, you will be automatically added to my SECRET WATERMELON FARMERS FORUM (This is another platform where I share the latest trend of this agribusiness, I will monitor the progress of your watermelon farm and attend to all questions till you sell your fruit. Also, on this same platform you will be able to interact with other farmers in the field). WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR ?………….ORDER NOW

Payment Option……How to Pay 

Option 1 (Bank Deposit) – Pay a sum of #4,999 to:

                                                   Bank:                         Diamond

                                                   Account Name:        Adeleke Seyi

                                                   Account Number:     0042468795


                                                  Bank:                           Skye

                                                  Account Name:           Adeleke Seyi

                                                  Account Number:        3020376084


                                                  Bank:                               Access

                                                  Account Name:              Adeleke Seyi

                                                  Account Number:          0695943363

(After payment, send an email with your NAME, EMAIL ADDRESS, TELLER NUMBER & PHONE NUMBER, to purchase@massivewealthclick.com

Once we confirm your payment details, I will forward the two materials to your email immediately)

Option 2 (ATM Card Payment)

If you want to avoid long queue in the bank, you can pay NOW using your Bank ATM card. Fast and efficient

Click here to pay >> https://voguepay.com/pay/bnl/572fa8c398bef

(If you pay through this method, your payment will be confirmed instantly and you only need to send your NAME & EMAIL ADDRESS to purchase@massivewealthclick.com  and I will forward your watermelon production practical guide and the book on how to get land from government and private individuals to you immediately)

genuine online business to make money

I have confident assurance that watermelon production business will skyrocket your financial status. If after you studied my step-by-step guide on watermelon production and you think you don’t need this material or you are not satisfy with the content…..I will refund your full payment without question. Your MONEY is 100% Secure.

@MassiveWealthClick, we deliver excellent customer-focused services.

For question or clarification, call me on 09082742259 or send an email to info@massivewealthclick.com  

Yours Sincerely,

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CEO MassiveWealthClick

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Office Address: 2nd Floor Oyerogun Building, Opposite Adamasingba 3rd Gate, Ibadan Oyo State.

26 Comments on Watermelon Production Secrets- (#400,000 – #1,000,000 Guarantee within 75-85days)

patience o uruesheyi said : Guest Report 5 years ago

How do I get the best seed of water melon in delta state warri precisely

admin said : administrator Report 5 years ago

The market is ever ready for watermelon. The selling process is described in the watermelon practical guide.

IYANDA said : Guest Report 5 years ago

How can we discuss about the selling

Emmanuel said : Guest Report 5 years ago

I jus came across you site and I love every bit of it. I will be contacting you.

Ibuakevwe Raymond Ejiroghene said : Guest Report 5 years ago

Hello Seyi, I purchased your book titled Watermelon production a practical guide.I went through it and i must confess that its truly practical with ease of comprehension. May God bless you indeed because the insight provided via the book far outweigh the price you are giving out the book.I have started my watermelon farm on a 2 hectares of land,i planted on March 28 and did my first treatment according to your instruction just this week on the 6th to be precise.Thanks for exposing to a source to make wealth. Ejiroghene in Warri,Delta state

joseph ifeanyi ikeyina said : Guest Report 5 years ago

This is worth trying, i cant for tommorow to dash to the bank. Seyi God bless u i ve been confused since this year on the direction to follow.

admin said : administrator Report 5 years ago

Your guide has been forwarded to the mail you provided. Kindly check

anowu sunday onyuka said : Guest Report 5 years ago

l pay #3000 into yar access bank acc yesterday tlla noA9 9806665\ ACC 0695943363 this payment was made by my boy AGHOMA EMMAUNEL O 08039365919 MY NAME IS ANOWU SUNDAY ONYUKA

admin said : administrator Report 5 years ago

Kindly make your order. Our practical guide covers everything you need to know about watermelon production, including where & how to get imported watermelon hybrid seed in your state/city, planting procedure and lots more as described above. Enjoy our discount price (#2,999) before it end. Scroll up to copy our account details or make payment instantly

UMUDI FAITH BRUME said : Guest Report 5 years ago


Ruth Osonokwu said : Guest Report 5 years ago

Thanks Mr seyi for this wonderful insight on water melon production. The manual is very informative and self explanatory. So people don't be scared about being ignorant about agric/farming terms cus even a layman would understand the manual very well. I'm excited and pray I be my boss soon nd I encourage all the doubting Thomases to buy this manual. Thanks.

Seyi Adeleke said : administrator Report 5 years ago

You can plant @ least three times in a year, everything you need to know is covered in our watermelon practical guide, starting from how to get hybrid seed, number of seeds to plant per hole, distance between each row, soil type required to boost your plant, type of foliar and solid fertilizer to use,quantity of fertilizer and treatment to apply and the number of days interval to repeat treatment, application of herbicide, how to know the right time to harvesting, etc. (Each method, strategy and action described in the guide is backup with pictures) Order for your A-Z guide on watermelon production NOW and beyond the practical guide, you are also entitled to consult us for any questions or clarification. We will follow up till you harvest.

prince shegzy said : Guest Report 5 years ago

please admin what exact date that the plantation will start? I knew its march but what day so that to know how to start cultivation

tayo said : Guest Report 5 years ago

Good Afternoon to you,Pls do you manage people's farm on their behalf? I am kinda interested in this but I am busy at the moment and will still love to partake of this.

Yinka Theophilus said : Guest Report 5 years ago

Through the help of God concerning the prayer on what to do with my own knowledge and ability this year. Then I came across your website as for this agricbusiness watermelon, having gone through the book, now my York is light. The book is self explanatory. Just to thank you for your timely response. I found the book in my email as I made payment.

Osadolor said : Guest Report 5 years ago

this book is self explanatory, its a guide for every one who want to succeed in this business. this is the work of a practicing farmer not cut and paste. hoping to get more guidance from u as i have started my land preparation for this year planting.

Dele Olubayo said : Guest Report 5 years ago

Got mine yesterday 7th Feb 2016 few hours after payment . It's real. The book is a teacher on it own. If you are looking for financial freedom I urge you to grab your own copy today. Thanks to the author, Mr Seyi Adeleke for the insight.

Seyi Adeleke said : administrator Report 5 years ago

100% guarantee, watermelon can be produced anywhere in Nigeria and the guide covers all you need to know about watermelon production (Practical A-Z guide on watermelon). We also support our client till they sell their fruit.

chikelu ugwu said : Guest Report 5 years ago

my location south east. are you sure your information will be of help to me? if it will be of help let me know so as to put my order. chikelu

Seyi Adeleke said : administrator Report 5 years ago

Everything you need to know about watermelon production right from land preparation to harvesting and selling of your fruit has been package into our 'Complete Watermelon Practical Step-by-Step Guide (over 34pages with pictures)'. We also provide support for our client. The guide price is currently #2,999 but will increase in few days time to #8,000 Click on pay now (#2,999): PAY NOW

Osagie john said : Guest Report 5 years ago

When in march can d planting commence

Seyi Adeleke said : administrator Report 5 years ago

My farm is in Oyo State

raphael oriyomi Lasisi. said : Guest Report 5 years ago

Thanks for the good work you are doing,God will bless you.please,where is your farm?

admin said : administrator Report 5 years ago

Watermelon production is a virgin business anyone can start anywhere in Nigeria, it require low startup capital and the return on investment is high. Eye is not yet much on this business compare to other agribusiness. With #42,600, you can grow watermelon on an hectare and make #400,000 - #1,000,000 within 75-85days It our promo season, you can download watermelon production practical guide for #2,999 @ https://voguepay.com/pay/bnl/56a21c3a707e9 (the price will return to #8,000 in couple of days) A minute delay might cost you more, utilize this opportunity For more enquiry: call 07030263517

  • http://www.massivewealthclick.com
Seyi Adeleke said : administrator Report 5 years ago

Hello Udi, first planting season is March. If you master the curve of this agribusiness , you can plant thrice in a year amounting to huge profit. You are guarantee of massive return if you follow the required procedures. @massivewealthclick, beyond our amazing watermelon production guide, we follow-up our client right from land preparation till they harvest and sell their fruit. I encourage you to purchase our watermelon production practical guide (over 33pages with pictures that describe each step).

Udi Efe said : Guest Report 5 years ago

Please, can i start preparation of land late February before early rain? What is the best time to commence plantation? After first rain or about three consecutive rain?

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