Questions & Answers on Watermelon Farming

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Lots of people wants to go into this tremendous PROFIT making business (growing watermelon) but does not have the knowledge required. Many does not even believe watermelon cultivation can generate massive income and are baffle with series of questions. In this articles, I will post some questions that might be bothering you and as a watermelon farmer I will provide SINCERE answers.

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Q1:   Which type of soil is best for growing watermelon ? – Well-drained fertile soil (loamy or silt loamy soil)

Q2:   Can I plant on heavy soil ? – Yes but tilling/ridging will be required

Q3:   Which type of seed do I have to plant ?  – Hybrid seed (Easy to get – it is imported to Nigeria)

Q4:   Why hybrid seed, can’t I use our local seed ?  – Hybrid seed is disease resistant and boost yield, leading to massive profit

Q5:   Numbers of days to germinate ?  – Within 6-8days

Q6:   How will I prevent insect/disease attack and boost production ? – There are cheap chemicals used for treatment (solid and foliar chemicals – easy to get).

Q7:   How many days will it take to attain maturity?  – You begin to smile to the bank within 75-85days

Q8:   How will I know when they are ripe? – There are four different proof to discover ripe watermelon

Q9:   How will I harvest my watermelon? – You only need to remove the watermelon from the stem (cutlass/hoe is not required)

Q10: How much PROFIT can I make from this agribusiness? – The return on investment is very high, 300%-600% is guarantee

Q11: What about the likely start-up capital? – The start-up capital is VERY low. 

Q12:  Why do some people fail in this agribusiness? –  Because they are not expose to the strategy involved. 

This agribusiness has been one of my solid and steady income source. I have successfully trained lots of people on watermelon production…………..AM PROUD TO BE A WATERMELON FARMER

PHOTO SPEAKS (From my Farm – Seeing is Believing)

make money with watermelon agribusinessgrowing stage, flowering stagestart to produce fruit after pollinationlarge scale watermelon farmingmature and ripe watermelon set for harvestmature/ripe watermelon set for harvest

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