Watermelon Basic Essentials

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In my previous article on watermelon cultivation, I introduced you to watermelon farming and we discussed reason why you have to invest in this agribusiness like me. With watermelon production, you can generate massive profit and totally break from poverty, just within 75-85days . Click here to read if you miss the post

Every business has basic essentials, likewise watermelon business. To be a successful watermelon farmer,  the major requirement are:

  • Land: Land is the first and essential requirement for this lucrative business. Generally land is measured in Plots, Acres or in Hectares.
  • Seeds: Watermelon hybrid seeds.
  • Herbicides: Herbicides are the chemicals for controlling and removing weeds from your watermelon farm.
  • Fertilizers: These are liquid/solid chemicals that will enhance the growth and performance of your crops so as to boost yields/production.
  • Insecticides: Insecticides is very essential, it is used to prevent disease outbreak on your farm. Insectides and liquid fertilizer are mixed together and are used to treat your farm at least once in every week.
  • Plastic Bowl: For cover-flitting.
  • Water Source: You start making use of water with your knapsack sprayer to apply chemicals after 8 – 14 days after your seeds begin to germinate.
  • Knapsack Sprayers: To apply herbicide (for weed), insecticides (to prevent disease), and foliar (leaves) liquid fertilizers to your crop.

Despite the fact that this wonderful crop (watermelon) creates massive wealth, the requirement are very simple to get anywhere in Nigeria. I will show you to acquire all the basic essentials.

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Domingo Adenuga said : Guest Report 5 years ago

Sir, your write up on watermelon is excelent. May I know if you have this type of write up on The following Agric business like Cucumber production, Ugu production, Tomatoes and peppe pruduction ?. Thanks Domingo

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